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Aug 16, 2011
Central Scotland
SL 320 R129 & C180K W204
Hi everyone, new 300sl member here. I have just bought a 1992 300SL with 146000 on the clock. The car is in great condition, no rust, all electrics work, new roof, cylinder head done in 2007, all with substantial MB service records etc etc. The problem I am having is there is a noticeable lack of power when accelerating. The car runs fine and idles ok, but when you put the foot down it is slow on building speed. When up at 40mph or so, it is fine as is the kick down, but I did notice that it had not had a service for a couple of years and 22000 miles ago. Hoping that this is the issue I have booked it in for a major service with my independant garage and bought new Distributor, rotor, HT leads, plugs, oil air and fuel filters. I am hoping that this along with engine and gearbox oil change will rectify the issue. I have also noticed a "hissing" noise from behind the rear o/s wheel, it is not a puncture or fuel pump and was now wondering if this is a vacuum pump issue and this would cause my problems and if it is easily fixed?????
Does anyone have any advice or similar problems and resolutions?

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