Lack of power


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Sep 22, 2020
Wrexham North Wales UK
E350 Estate W212
E350 Bluefficiency w212 with 83000 miles, 2012.

When I start the car the Eco button is active and the eco word is displaying green. On occasions the Eco word is displaying orange.

If I leave it in Eco after a short while I lose boost, no kickdown and lack of power. If I stop, restart and switch off the Eco then it goes like a bat out of hell.

No warning on dash, no error codes.

It has also in the past thrown up the warning message of: do not change fear go directly to workshops (or words similar). Again no error codes stored.

When its in this limp mode the auto gear change is awful and it hands a while in each gear.

I'm a a loss and don't want to sell the car - wouldn't be ethical anyway - so does anyone have any suggestions?

Thanks in advance ...

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