Lack of security at the benefits dept...

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Feb 14, 2004
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Just had to change the details of the address and bank details with the 'jobcentreplus' - my bint gets incapacity benefit and DLA...

involved phoning them (me, a bloke..) they said whats her NI number? (written on the top of the letter) whats the new address? whats the new bank details?

All done.

Didnt even ask DOB - so if the letter was intercepted, a simple call could get the dosh transferred to anywhere.

and you wonder why so much is being 'lost' by the system? T B.Liar is reducing the incap. benefit, as they are all scroungers and layabouts arnt they?
Shocking. :eek:

As someone currently suffering from identity theft, its stories like this that frighten me.

I've recently had someone try to get two credit cards in my name and catalogue accounts opened in my name but I caught them before any funds were taken.

If someone claimed benefits in my name, I suspect I wouldn't know about it for some time.

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