Land Rover Fans be warned...

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Some work gone in to that, sounds brilliant!
Looks a really nice job.
My first (and last) experience of a Landy was driving a SWB Series 2 (I think...) that someone had put an RV8 into. Bearing in mind the V8 was pretty asthmatic it was still bloody terrifying - like those nightmares you have (well, I have them anyway) where I'm driving along and none of the controls work - steering, brakes, clutch, throttle.....
^ I used to drive V8 90" Defenders at work; they were an absolute hoot. Withdrawn when a colleague lost the back end (they were prone to this under heavy braking), spun and ended up wedged between a lamp post and a wall....they fuel tank is under the seat on the 90 and the driver was badly burned.

I followed his FB channel; it took a huge amount of work and ingenuity to make it work and all credit to him. Although very impressive, every time I see clouds of black smoke coming out of any Defender, I can't help but cringe though.....
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Seriously good project...a nice rustic Q.
I have a 2.5Tdi called Vera.;) That is plenty quick enough for a 1940's based chassis:confused:
There ought to be a balance of grip, drivability and power in any vehicle!

.....but then I am guilty of putting 2 x 750bhp JCB engines in a one metre wide projectile and getting it to 350mph....but my excuse is that it wasn't a road car:eek:

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