Latch of boot's lid wrong electrical connector

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Jul 19, 2008
Melbourne Australia
C220 CDi 2002
[FONT='Times New Roman','serif'][FONT='Times New Roman','serif'][FONT='Times New Roman','serif']Hello, I’ve replaced the latch of boot’s lid, but the new lock (is an updated version, I’m told) has a 4 pin electrical connector as opposed to 3 pins that the old lock has. No matter how I plug it, is not working at all. I assume that pin1 goes to pin1, but from there can be any combination. It cannot be too hard but clearly too hard for me. Any ideas, please?[/FONT][/FONT][/FONT]
I’ll post here the solution just for the benefit of accumulated knowledge of all of us.
On a 220CDi, made Feb/2002 (W203/006) the original boot-lid’s latch part nr. was “A 203 750 01 84” and had a 3pin connector. The little electrical plug coming from car’s wiring has also 3 wires (pin1-brown; pin2-brown/green; pin3 white). Now, the new latch part nr. is “A 171 750 00 85” (dealer recons that that part nr. changed more than once over the years) and has a 4pin connector!!! In order to join the 3pin plug to the 4pin connector you can just ask the dealer for a tiny adaptor that he can get, but if you find that is insulting and obscene for him to ask $10 for a piece of plastic as small as your pinky’s nail, that should cost 2cents to make and retail for a buck, after he already reaped you off of $200 for the latch, all you have to do is: do not use at all pin1 on latch’s body! This is easier said than done ‘cause the two, do not match physically very well at all, also the plug on latch’s body has no embossed nr. on it, however, pin nr 1 is the one closest to the tip of the latch (where it struck car’s body).
So, grind away the 3pin connector until it fits and allows you to plug the thing securely and ignore pin1, using only 2, 3 and 4 on the plug (it is more than easy to bend and brake the pins, so take it easy mate). When you’re done, if it seems that is not working give the car a half hour brake without touching anything electrical, for boot-lid’s timed-relay to reset itself, is going to work after that! Sorry for the long story, but I thought, better more info than not enough!!!:)
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