Leak from V280 (Underneath)

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Oct 14, 2006
Hi just purchased a V280 amb on a R 98 with 54k on the clock

Problem I have is when I pull away from start up i leave a trail of what seems to be water, but it leaves marks on my drive and does not dry out.

It does not seem to be oil as I do not get those lovely patterns and it does not smell like petrol.

It seems to come from three quarters back from the front. I've noticed from underneath there seems to be a balck tube wihch looks like an overflow pipe.

Does anybody have any ideas what this could be?
Thanks for any advice


ps Does anybody know of a Merc specialist in the South Wales area
I'm going out on a 'limb' here, but some Catalytic Converters have a breather pipe on them to get rid of condensation that builds up in the system.

That is why it will leave a stain on your driveway because of all the contaminants in the liquid.

Hope this helps, cheers.

Thanks for the info Bill, I've also noticed when she starts up and is rev'd droplets of water come out of the exhaust with bits of black in it.

I've put D-Tox in the tank and will run it on super unleaded for a while. Will this cure it. Also the exhaust system seems quite rusty so I was going to get a new one fiited from the cat back.
Hi there, it's a pleasure.

No, it won't solve the problem, but you will, or should notice improved performance using, let's say 'V-Power' (Shell).

One other thing, exhausts always get quite 'rusty' looking, but I would say if it's not leaking, leave it until it does.

Cheers & welcome....... ;)

Nice to see another V280 owner...

Ours does the same, and it's just condensation but as Mangoman says there are contaminants in it which are why it leaves a mark!

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