Leaking Sunroof W123

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Aug 25, 2008
Mercedes 230E W123
Just found out today that the sunroof on my 230E W123 1984 has started leaking, I need to get replacement seals to go around the sunroof, the sunroof is a manual one, Does anybody know where i could get this done, I am currently in Hastings but come up to London once a month, Thank You
Are you sure its not the drain holes that are blocked rather than the seals themselves?

(assume its a factory sunroof?)
Leaking sunroof

There is a gap that is larger on one side of the sunroof , Which is letting in water, Thanks
even if there is a gap, water should run down the channels and not into the car.. I would say you would be better to check the drain holes first as seals are not cheap and not always necessary in any case.

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