Leather Suite & Dining Room Table + 6 Chairs 4 Sale

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Jun 1, 2002
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Well I finally move into my "own" house early December and after a viewing yesterday some things just will not fit. The house my kids are in was allot larger than my new shoe box so I have a few items up for grabs...

Pics will follow if there is interest...

1 x Navy Blue 3 Seater Leather sofa + 1 x Navy Blue 2 seater leather sofa, both in good condition. Great for a "den" or kids snug..

A very solid not cheap dining room table in Oak if i remember, has 4 beautifully turned legs and will seat 6 when the leaf is installed. Complete with 6 solid heavy chairs. I love this table and it cost me a considerable amount of money.... it just will not fit my new home, gutted it has to go...

I also have a large Sony Television with dvd player on a stand with glass shelves. Can remember the model as its in storage at the mo...

Everything is in Berkshire and will obviously need picking up as I dont have a jiffy bag big enough!!!

Cheers Greg
OK thx for all interested in the table... The X may be having this back so I will keep u posted...

Sorry to mess you around..


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