Leather Wear - Warranty Replacement

Discussion in 'Interior' started by Simon_M, Nov 7, 2008.

  1. Simon_M

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    Jul 1, 2008
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    Picture the hypothetical scene.

    Car is one year old from new and the leather gearknob is wearing badly. While I do wear a wedding ring, it is smooth and the car is an auto so it is not like I am using the gearknob that much. The steering wheel and door handles still look like new, as I would expect.

    Car was with the dealer when only 1 month old to have an iPod kit fitted and mysteriously came back with a very shiny gearknob and a cut to the leather of the COMAND surround. The fixed the cut and with a bit of leather cleaner I thought all looked OK.

    12 months on and the gearknob looks about 800 years old, so when the car was in for it's first service I raise the issue.

    The dealer said they had taken pictures and passed it onto the warranty department for approval. A few days later I get a phone message (no name given) from said dealer to say the new gearknob as been ordered and should be in within a few days. Job done.

    2 weeks later I chase them - "wear and tear is not covered sir". I don't care, you have told me it is sorted and you have ordered a new gearknob - where is it?
    "We have no record of it ever being approved" - well that is a shame for you I still have a voicemail message saying you have ordered me a new one.

    "We cannot find the photos, can you bring the car in so we can take some pictures and send them to the warranty department".

    I was on a train so I did not go mental, but while I prepare to unleash hell I just wondered what other people think?

    I can probably buy a new knob for £50 but they have now angered me imensley :devil:
  2. Smarties

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    Oct 14, 2008
    Customer Care??

    Oh dear, MB customer Care raises it's ugly head again. It's for this reason I 'dumped' my 3 year old SLK and bought a 30 year old SL!!
  3. mattc

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    Sep 27, 2007
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    Be polite but firm and persistent. let them listen to the message. they will come good on this EVENTUALLY :rolleyes: as you have the evidence to prove it.

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