LED adaptive headlights and option packs on CLS/E Class/S Class

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Aug 15, 2013
I'm looking at =>2015 CLS, I'm getting on a bit :) and would like the projection and reach of decent adaptive LED (or laser) lights.

Are they standard across the models or specific to an options pack?

Anyone know what the option packs include on the 2015-2018 CLS?

Are there must have options available in specific packs?

I'd like adaptive LED headlights, through-loading, adaptive suspension, pan roof, HUD, B&O or Burmeister

Searching just brings up mostly USA results.
If you look at models sold in the USA, I remember that years ago most of them were almost fully loaded from factory, offering only a few options
like panorama roof or ventillated nappa leather seats instead of plain leather. In Europe there used to be a multitude of different
versions where some was part of a package and some others features that could be custom built to order. Mercedes have since
dropped this, now grouped a number of options in different "packages". In many cases you cannot have one single feature without
also adding others that belongs to that specific package.

When I was looking for a C238, I ended up searching by entering a price range on internet car dealer search pages and then check each listed car
for photos of the outside and interior together with the feature list to see what the first owner/driver had ordered.
Look for cars with Premium Plus spec, they have most of the options available.
Hi , my 2015 / 16 model year C207 has adaptive head lights with all the accessories that come with that head light system.

Unbelievable to drive with but I understand that the newer head light system makes my headlights look like a torch.

I would never purchase a car without this type of headlight system.
2015-2018 CLS will be the 218 series. If you are in the UK all of the ‘facelift’ cars had the AMG Line pack including LED ‘intelligent’ lights which are brilliant.

There is no HUD available, or Burmeister.

A ‘premium plus’ pack car will have Harmon Kardon which is very good, plus sunroof and keyless go. I think B&O was available for the AMG.

You can get folding rear seats, again an option on saloons.

Standard suspension is not adaptive, you’d need airmatic for that and it’s a rare option.

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