LED bulbs for mirror indicator

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Apr 5, 2017
Antrim, Northern Ireland @woodgateair
2001 W203 C320 Elegance
Hi all,

After reading write ups on repairing the indicators etc on the auto fold mirrors I went ahead and had a go at fixing mine. Job was easy (hardest part was indeed getting the door card back on. Anyway both worked for a couple of days then the passenger side failed today. I checked everything and swapped units from the drivers side and it worked, so conclusion its the flasher unit in the mirror. Tested it with a 12v feed and its dead.

After removing the cover from inside the unit I found that the LEDs are simple orange push in ones. I removed the LEDs and tried giving them a feed of 12v but none of them worked (would all go at once?) I did try reversing the feed as I believe LEDs are current specific.

Question; Can these bulbs be purchased individually or must the whole unit be replaced? Seems that the first option would be a lot cheaper.

Correction the bulbs are not in fact LEDs I think they are T10 W5W

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