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Nov 5, 2022
Manchester UK
CLK270 auto
Hi, does any member have experience with led bulbs?

I am looking to replace my low beam bulbs with leds. Now, there are dozens to choose from on eBay, so I was wondering if 1) they are any good, and 2) will I get error codes, and finally 3) the longevity of such bulbs.

Here is an example:

My car is a '55 CLK270


The CLK halogen headlights leave a lot to be desired in terms of light output. I built a custom pair of light units incorporating Probrite DRL's, Morimoto projector units to run 35w HIDS, Philips ceramic side light bulbs and super bright LED's in the main beams. Quite a bit of engineering to get there as the lens has to be split from the lamp body before some pretty tricky work with the Dremel. Once all the cutting is done and a locking plate made to stop the projectors rotating, the actual build is easy enough.
A link wire is needed to trigger the shutters for high beam on the projectors and the ballasts for side and main beam need securing in the lamp body with twin lock Velcro. I mounted the HID ballasts outside the lamps.

The results are amazing, the legal/MOT aspect is a little grey as HID's should be self levelling and the car should have headlamp washers. I have the waashers but no self levelling, been through three MOT's with no problems.
And dazzle on coming drivers made worse on undulating roads.
I believe there is an enquiry going on about ultra bright lights and about time too.
In late 1970s to early 1990s I use do around 30/35K miles a year covering the whole country and never had problem with standard lights.
That is why I used Morimoto projectors and stuck to 35w bulbs. The shutters in the projectors produce a flat top beam pattern on dip and don't cause any issues with dazzling oncoming traffic.
In terms of legally, it's like gutting the DPF or AdBlue Delete etc - technically illegal and renders the car - again, technically - unroadworthy, and since these mods can't really be declared to the insurer, it also invalidates the car's motor insurance policy, BUT - it seems that quite a few people do these things and never get caught or have an issue. Personally, I wouldn't do it, but that's just me - I like to sleep well at night, I don't need any extra worries in my life regarding things that could potentially go wrong :D

PS - on my W203 and later on the W204, I went for Osram NightBreaker H7 Halogen upgrade - cheap and cheerful (and perfectly legal).
Less are getting away with DPF gutting/ removal now. My tester says that several testers in the area have been cautioned for passing cars with no DPF that were sent in by the ministry.... so less risk it.

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