LED headlight issue with my new car 2014 E250 coupe

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Feb 2, 2016
CLK 320CDi
I have recently bought a 2014 E250, it has previously been in an accident (over a year ago) and does have some issues (though I'm not sure if they are from the accident or just poor ownership)

LED headlight: I get a message saying that the dipped beam and parking light aren't working and sure enough the dipped beam isn't (not sure about parking light). Before I take the bumper of and start having a look around I was just wondering if there is anything specific to look for and what options I have.
Can the bulbs be changed or is it a full unit job, can I plug the headlamp into the passenger side to check it, if it had had or needs a new controller / ballast does it need to be programmed

I don't think ballast needs to be reprogrammed, and I'd think that parking lights and dipped beam would just be a bulb that you can change.
OK, done a bit of fettling today and found that by swapping headlamps and controllers around hat the actual headlight works ok and the fault follows the controller.
So, I think the options are.
1: The controller has gone faulty and needs replacing
2: The controller has been replaced but needs programming
3: The controller has been replaced but is the wrong one (part numbers seem to be different from the working one as per below)

Working controller is A212 900 5324
Faulty controller is A222 900 0015

So my next question is, does anyone know the correct part number or can tell me if the faulty controller part number should work.
And can anyone confirm if a new controller would need to be programmed in with Star as that would discount one of the options
The A2129005324 is the correct part number for the range controller, superseded by A2189007206
A2229000015 is for a W205/W212
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