[SOLD] LED headlight kit - H7 bulbs with Philips Lumileds and compensators

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Sep 20, 2014
Brand new kit - H7 bulbs with Philips Lumileds and compensating units.

These were bought separately, based on experience, the set was meant for the full beam, but the car is now sold.

This is a tried and tested, high quality kit for error-free operation and is MOT-compliant - I had the same as dipped beam for almost three years, passed 3 MOTs - textbook light spread pattern, as advised by MOT tester (these were actually tested right after install on Bosch system, so effectively 4 separate tests, passed with flying colours).

The compensating units are small enough to fit inside the light unit case - again I have tried many, and these work with Mercedes SAM.

Each bulb is 6000 Lumen, 6500K, 25W
Rated IP67
Please note: most of LED bulbs are listed with combined power and light output, so would say 50W, 12000 Lm for example - this is misleading.

Boxed, product manual and install guide.

Over £60 paid, for sale at £30 delivered in the UK.

Please PM me or email david.glk @ mail.com

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