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OK had a reply back. Naughty seller says yes it's definitely the satnav one as he took it out of his own vehicle (2009 Sport) to upgrade it to the flip screen!
What is it? - Just out of academic interest; it's clearly not something for my car.
Believe it's Audio 20
I notice that first one doesn't actually have a button that says "Nav" on it (as both the second item and COMAND units do).
I have the same in my car (with Nav) and it matches the product in Palfrems link

The OP link looks like one without Navi, possibly the seller doesn't even know (probably flung it on there after buying it cheap)
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Would the part numbers be the same as Audio20 though?
Would the part numbers be the same as Audio20 though?

Yes. It was simply a retrospective software add on. The hardware numbers would remain unchanged.

Externally there's no way of knowing UMI is fitted until you switch the system on.

The chances are the system is exactly as described as it became quite common for UMI to be added considering the cost of the COMAND option.
Perhaps I've done him an injustice!

I have the Audio20 does this mean I can add UMI to get satnav?

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