Lets see your AMGs

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Oct 18, 2019
Mercedes e55
I received my replacement front door sill trim via mail order and didn't waist any time and got it fitted. The original sill had some surface blemishes and looked unsightly, so it had to go.

Just thought I share some photos 🙂

Please share some photos of you AMGS and any exciting mods with what you did, any photos after receiving a wash polish etc

Would be nice to see them whips.

My PPP wagon, regret letting it go. Did everything you could ask of a car.
My Coupe, full bare metal respray courtesy of MB, Calipers painted by BCS & AMG logos stencilled on. Front grille CF effect, done at Wicked Coatings, amazing job. Rear spoiler genuine AMG one bought for peanuts off a guy in Canada! MSL mapped, now gone as well.
Coming up to a year of ownership and absolutely love my e63. Ppp car, carbon pack, factory LSD, tons of options. All stock, no mods. It was a demonstrator for first 6 months then one owner since then till I bought it. Full mb history. Its got some miles on it at 89k but I don't mind that.


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Is there really anything cooler than an AMG wagon??

Yeah, an AMG G Wagon :D




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Great thread, here's my beast shortly after I got her (standard C63 W205 saloon).

Pleased to say I've managed to keep her in fine fettle too, and after nearly three years I still enjoy starting her up and going for a drive.

I think its quite subtle, although the rear windows are a bit too tinted for my personal taste, but that's how it came from the factory.

The eco alloys are different, and are a pain to keep clean due to size of the gaps to get into the main dish area for a thorough clean.
Here's my 1st 1 factory LSD
2nd 1 PPP with quafe LSD
3RD totally standard


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What am I doing wrong?:wallbash:
Trying to upload pics. Click "Attach files" which takes me to "Attachment Upload. "Choose files", select my pics which then populate "Existing attachment" area. Everything seems fine, then click "Upload"
Come back to my post & nothing is there. Tried "Attach files" which then just opens a new field for "Attachment Upload"
It maybe that the image is too large, but it should say though? I normally use app called Puma image compressor, which can be downloaded from playstore on android phone. I'm pretty sure their should be a way on iPhone too.

Amazing photos so far, let's get everyone in. We're a nice family 🙂👍
Just after new car detail, three years ago demonstrator with 81 miles. Absolute bargain at the time as the face lift was just being launched, could have sold it for £2000 profit after three years and 12000 miles of ownership. Covid second hand car price madness. But what would I have bought in its place.


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