LHD or RHD - impact on value?

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Aug 7, 2008
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I really need to reduce the number of cars I own.

I have 2 MGs which I should be selling but haven't got round to it.

Someone has approached me to see if I would accept an LHD car, which I have always fancied, in PX for both of my MGs.

As I would generally be using the PX car in France & Spain I am rather tempted. BUT how do I value it. I feel a discount on the value of a similar RHD car is justified as it is UK registered. The owner doesn't understand this point of view and thinks it is worth exactly the same as an RHD version.

I am also unsure of the insurance implications, although I did own an LHD MG back in the 1960's.

If you’re planning to use it abroad a lot, then surely being LHD is a benefit to you? From what I’ve seen there appears to be a slight premium for LHD in the UK, despite not being so useful, the stock is very low so it becomes a sellers market. I would set aside relative values and think of the convenience.
I think it all depends on the car. Value it based upon what you think it’s worth - as you would had it been RHD - and if it suits all parties then you have a deal. If he values it more than you do, then no deal, just as would be the case if it was RHD.
I agree with what has been said above, but the market for selling a LHD car in the UK is minuscule. Which will then become your main bargaining tool. It is not worth him suggesting to you that he can sell the car abroad because he would have to take into account the import duty payable in Europe as we are no longer part of EU due to brexit
I would therefore value the car lower than a similar RHD vehicle and it would hopefully become win win for you
We used to work on 30 to 40 percent less.....which was often still not enough to sell them at a decent profit. The market for LHD in the UK is tiny and unless you spend loads of time abroad who would ever buy it over RHD one. There are exceptions of course such as desirable cars that were never made in RHD such as proper Lancia Integrales.....but mostly there is no chance they are worth anything like as much as RHD on the UK market. I did used to trade a few left hookers to a place in London that only did LHD..... don't know if they still exist.
....I did used to trade a few left hookers to a place in London that only did LHD..... don't know if they still exist.

You're probably thinking of the Transeuropean Carriage Co Left Hand Drive Cars who used to be in York Way, near Kings Cross?
Maybe...so long ago! I think that at the time it was just "The Left Hand Drive Car Co".... or similar but names change.
If it was a w124 500e or similar non RHD vehicle than no difference, if available in RHD then i would rather pick a snake up.
I remember them.

I used to lnow the owner. I almost rented an office from them on their premises.... :D eventually I rented it elsewhere.

Also, for a while they used to have an LHD minibus parked on their forecourt in CERN livery, which I thought was cool.

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