Life With My W212 E350

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Jul 22, 2011
W212 E350 Estate
I like a thread to call my own and record my experiences in case it helps others. So that’s what I’m doing here.

Mine is 2013 vintage with 98k miles and full MB dealer history.

I bought it from the family of a sadly departed elderly gentleman who cherished this car. I plan to do the same….. cherish it that is ….. I’m trying to delay my own departure 😂.

It had no faults I could see when I bought it a few days ago, however I did notice the ECO wasn’t working. The ECO text was yellow on the dash and non functional so I tested the Aux battery. All good at 13.4v. I tested the main vehicle battery ….. 12.2v. This means only about half the capacity was available. It was plenty to start the car without noticing a problem. I understand battery voltage is one of the parameters checked by the car before the ECO goes green and operates. So, I replaced it with a new Bosch battery from Car Battery Market (best value around it seems - £161 delivered). This immediately cured the problem and ECO is now green and works just fine 😊

We’ve a couple of dogs so I wanted to protect the load space from all the hairs. I fitted one of the Hatchbag things. I have to say it’s a great fit. Very easy even considering it was necessary to pull the boot seal to insert the Velcro anchors. Then I put the factory liner over the top. Should keep things nice.


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Nice to read....but you might want it moved to the "General Discussion" this is the AMG section and as nice as your car doubtless is, its not an AMG.
It is an AMG Sport. (can’t now update above)
Thread moved
You posted in the AMG section. It's in general mercedes now as that's our section for non AMG models. 👍
It's not mate. Only AMG trim spec, not an AMG.

Don't mean that as anything against your car. They are still great models 👍
please delete this thread and remove my account. Many thanks.
Hi , no doubt one of many owners who have been mis sold an AMG Line as an AMG !

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