light control module

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Jun 23, 2023
Hi there,

I have a 3rd party warranty (my mistake for going with them) on my W205 that doesn't cover light assemblies as it states in excluded section "We do not cover lamp assemblies or bulbs, including headlamp self leveling and igniter systems."

My day time running light has gone out and I went for diagnostics from independent Mercedes specialist and it turns out to be faulty "light control module".

My warranty has rejected the claim saying that it is part of headlamp assemblies.

what would you say is it part of assembly or light control module is a separate module that interfaces with the assembly to control the lighting functions because light assembly contains the physical components like the housing, lenses, and bulbs?

The women I spoke to on phone only said "I rejected the claim because I know it is part of assembly" when I asked for written confirmation of claim rejection I have not received anything.

How should I proceed?
Can anyone provide any technical specification of document for this model that states otherwise?

Thank you
I would guess that if they specifically state they don't cover "igniter systems" (presumably for HID systems), then they similarly are not going to cover your control module, even if it is a separate module. But I take your point; it isn't part of the headlamp assembly.

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