Light (twitchy) front end.

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Jul 7, 2002
Ashford, Kent.
2011 E220
My E230 (W210) feels twitchy at motorway speeds. The front tyres (Michelin Pilots) are near the wear indicators, could this be the reason? Any suggestions on their replacement or should I keep with Michelin? Car only done 36,000mls so no wear on steering gear.
I think you may need to get an allignment and wheel balance!
I have not noticed any vibration that you would normally get with out of balanced wheels, and the car steers straight when you take your hands off the streering wheel.

 Despite this I would still say the car is sensitive to cross winds on motorways. Perhaps I'm just being over critical?
Front tyres rarely wear evenly. The outside shoulder of the left wheel sometimes gets slightly more wear than the right (from roundabouts), but the tyres will have worn according to the setup and use of the particular car, even if the setup is ok. Much depends on how and where you drive.
Its sometimes noticeable because of tramlining, but always more noticeable at motorway speeds.
</span><table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="1"><tr><td>Quote </td></tr><tr><td id="QUOTE">The front tyres (Michelin Pilots) are near the wear indicators, could this be the reason?</td></tr></table><span id='postcolor'>
My guess is yes, that's the reason.
When you get your new tyres (you need anyway soon), see if its still there. If so, the best bet is a full suspension check at your dealer - but there's not much point with worn tyres.
Don't think a different tyre will make much difference, personally.
Paul:  sounds obvious but....are you sure your tyre pressures aren't too high.  That, and a high degree of tyre wear, would make the front end very jittery and susceptible to cross winds. <img src="" border="0" valign="absmiddle" alt='???'>
Thanks for suggestions . I will wait till new tyres are fitted then report back. Pressures are all o.k, and I have tried all three pressure settings (comfort, normal &amp; full load).

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