Limp mode after MOT - E320Cdi


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May 31, 2009
My W211 E320CDi went into limp mode on Friday following an MOT test.

I did initially think that this had something to do with the gearbox as the car was showing a torque convertor related fault code. Having cleared that code it has not returned and in any event the car seems to change gear OK up until it goes into limp mode so I'm ruling that out at present.

However, I have now got 2 fault codes which repeatedly return and the car goes into limp mode after a few minutes driving.

These are:


I've seen two of these before and thought I'd dealt with them!

P0426 and P2084 Fault codes - hopefully solved

Following on from the above thread I did have the dpf regenerated and the car has run fine since -with one exception when I took it on a run and held it manually in gear at about 3000 revs and it flipped into limp mode.

Which leaves me still wondering whether something in the MOT causes one or both of these codes. I think I'm right in saying that the MOT test includes a section where the car is revved for a period so maybe that was the cause.

Looks like I might have to go down the regen route again.
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