Limp Mode W211 E220

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Jun 24, 2023
W211 E220 CDI
Hello gents,

I'm having a problem with my beloved w211 E220 going in limp home mode when in charge.
It started happening one week ago but it would drive okay after a restart and it was only doing it when accelerating hard uphill and such, also the engine sound is quite different like something is blocked in there, and the revs are going up and down sometimes when driving on idle it's alright.
I have plugged in my OBD scanner and it showed the error code : P0299.
We have checked the turbo hoses for leaks and it all looks fine, we even changed the seals on them, the turbo has been refurb almost 2 years ago, i've already cleaned the egr valve. And im quite stuck at the moment.. i was thinking about checking the intake manifold next.
Has anyone had similar problems ?
Many thanks in advance!
Map sensor,?
Found a used turbo on ebay.. works just fine now, idk if the problem was the turbo or just the actuator :) happy days

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