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Discussion in 'AMG Lounge' started by daveenty, Apr 3, 2014.

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    Some of you may know that a couple of us had a Quaife LSD fitted at MSL last week. This has certainly improved the car's handling capabilities, especially noticeable on those long sweeping slip roads on our motorway network. (M6 - M62 is one I use regularly).

    Speed adjusted on entry, with a steady constant till the exit appears and then it just bites and goes as soon as you prod the loud pedal. It's not very often you get the situation to be able to do it as it's quiet a busy junction, but when you do get it clear it's incredible.

    However, and the reason for this post, while we (doughboy and myself) were at MSL we were asked if we would like to be "Guinea Pigs" for a couple of tuning boxes designed for the Bi-Turbo engines. As it was costing nothing initially we both readily agreed. :)

    I haven't done that many miles in it yet, I never do really, but there seems to be a marked difference in performance already. It's turned a quick car into something else, especially noticeable in S or S+.

    In C mode, it feels pretty much the same, possibly a slight improvement in consumption figures, though this could just be me with the half full glass... Move the selector into S and floor it though, and it really slams you back in the seat. I've not yet tried it in manual as this is something I seldom use, mainly due to the nature of my journeys, though I'll have a go in the next couple of weeks hopefully.

    The only downside I've found so far, apart from the temptation to want to hammer it everywhere, is there seems to be a slight flat spot under harsh acceleration, though apparently this will improve as it learns or it can be "tuned out"

    I don't have a price for these boxes, nor do I think Acid does yet though, unless they're exorbitantly out of reach, I personally think it's an excellent improvement for these engines. :)

    My car's up for it's first service in a couple of months, so I'll obviously get it removed for that (straight plug and play) but it will certainly be going straight back on afterwards as I think I'd really miss it now.
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    Thank you for the Feed back.
    If anyone is intrested in Any Tuning Box please PM me


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