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Feb 13, 2010
Does anyone know if the activation of the live traffic function that comes with command online is done when the Mercedes me is set up

I am still waiting for dealer and or MB to activate my me connect account but want to know if this will activate live traffic as well


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Sep 30, 2014
I just logged into Mercedes Me on my laptop to double check, and Live Traffic Information isn't connected to Mercedes Connect Me.
Mercedes Me is when your car is connected to the Mercedes network so if it crashes etc., they phone you up and send someone out automatically, or when you press the red button. That may have an affect on live traffic.
Mercedes Connect Me is the app on your phone so you can see your cars MPG, range, tyre pressure etc.
They both have to be connected up by your dealer, and only then do you get an e-mail from Mercedes so you can set them up. My dealer was utterly hopeless on this score (not that many have been trained), so JBD on this forum did it for me as he's at Mercedes in Norwich.

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