log rounds for jacking rear

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Nov 21, 2023
West Yorkshire
C220 CDI 2011
Hi all,

I may need to jack the rear of the car up and leave it standing for a few days soon. I've a trolley jack and plenty of log rounds, thing is I've seen a lot of people worrying about using even flat jack stands under the cupped shaped jacking points on these cars but I lifted mine for an hour the other day with the flat round cup of a trolley jack and it was no worse the wear.

I'm proposing to chock the car up evenly with nice stable log rounds under each rear jacking point, and a few stacked up to wherever I can find some solid metal in the centre, like a rear frame rail or crossmember or something. Not under the diff.

Let me know if you think it's a terrible idea, and why. I just don't want to go and buy 2 jack stands that I'll probably never use again (as I won't be refurbing these wheels more than once!)


N.B I have jacked up cars plenty before and will be operating safely (wheel under the sill, never getting under the car, getting assistance, working on the level, chocking front wheels...with more log round)
My immediate thought was log rounds can suddenly split/crack and let go...
Buy some proper axle stands and then if you think you won't need them again, sell them on
I've used wood blocks for decades and never had one suddenly split/crack and let go.
Wooden blocks and random log rounds 'coins' are not quite the same thing . Both made out of trees , but in a different way.

OP , I know what you mean by 'cup shaped' but you should be using flat 'axle' stands and the shaped rubber blocks in the jack point recesses .


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