Looking at 320CLK any advice

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Apr 11, 2004
Hi there, new to this forum, used to have a 220 classic until the company car came along (Passatt!!! ) so swapped the Merc for a Audi convertible 2.6 E great fun in the sun and then managed to persuade my wife to let me buy a Subaru Impreza and store the Audi well the Subaru is an amazing car to drive though my wife is getting tired of being shaken to death as more of these humps are appearing around us and with the stiff suspension its getting a bit uncomfortable drive

So we’ve decided to sell both our current cars and look for a 1998-1999 CLK 200, 230, 320. would love a CLK convertible but too expensive at the moment

Going for a test drive on Tuesday in a 320 Elegance so was wondering it there was anything special to look out for or any recommendations on which model to look for

Many thanks

hi m8..

sounds nice. got my clk 320 convertable about a month ago and love it!! i need to mod it a bit tho as its pre-facelift and need to fit a bodykit to it etc to make it more uptodate like the facelift models.

see here for info on a current thread:

I have a 98 CLK 320 Sport.

Happy to answer any direct questions about CLKs.


Thanks for the replies so far

Would love a convertible but at present just out of our price range
Have a wedding to pay for next year, oh and its not mine but my daughter, the sacrifices one makes for our kids!! Took me 52 years to get the car I wanted still the Subaru and Audi have to go and will settle for a CLK coupe wait a year or so then go after convertible.

As for which model to go for, I have seen a 1999 200CLK black though 106k miles I know mercs are good and the mileage should not be an issue though if I want to trade it in later it my reflect in its trade in price so currently I have put an offer in for £10k which the seller has accepted, is this any good, it is immaculate and like getting into a new car, well maintained, just had four new tyres, oh an no leather either?

Though I do still want to try the 320CLK it is another £3.5k dearer and lower mileage, so is paying another £3.5k the best option or should I go for the cheaper option

Has anyone had any major mechanical or electronic issues on a 320CLK

Thanks in anticipation

I would not buy a CLK again, here's a list of my problems on a 5 year old 30,000 mile car

1 - replace fuel senders
2 - replace lower ball joints
3 - replace anti roll bar bushes
4 - replace gearbox plug
5 - replace gearbox oil
6 - replace diff pinion seal & oil
7 - replace rear prop joint
8 - replace MAS sensor
9 - replace ns front wheel bearing

some other more cosmetic items have included

10 - replace window seal
11 - replace near side electric wing mirror motor

In the offing

12 - 1 pre cat o2 sensor to be replaced

from a maintenance point of view

13 - Good Year F1s, got about 10K miles out of them on the front
14 - B service at Merc
15 - replace rear brake hoses
16 - front pads & discs

In total about £2K spent on the car OVER AND ABOVE the "B Service" in 8 months - the usual denial has set in, i.e. if I just get these last things done then it'll all be fixed and sorted - but we all know there's always more!

The CLK is great on the motorway and from a pose perspective, still does the trick.

From any other perspective its a c**p car.

sasha said:
From any other perspective its a c**p car.

sorry i dont agree - the CLK certainly isnt a crap car.... far from it... maybe u just have an abused one....?
I'm sure its just mine

only one of the faults listed are Merc recalls (fuel sensor)
sasha said:
I'm sure its just mine

only one of the faults listed are Merc recalls (fuel sensor)

is the fuel sensor an actual recall? my fuel gauge is a bit dodgy (sometimes "sticks at zero"....). got to get it looked at.... if it was an actual recall its fully free right?
correct - the fuel sensors now have gold contacts which are unaffected by fuel additives, if your car is within warranty get it done asap.

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