Looking for a C220 cdi auto - Advice

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Aug 30, 2008
Hi guys,

Looking to buy a C220 CDi Auto (for around £8K) and was wondering what I should be looking out for? I have seen some C220 & C270's and just looking for opinions on which 1 to go for. Are there any common problems that I need to look for.

Also as owners of them, how would you rate them?

Any advice or opinions appreciated.

go for one of mine ;)

lol... to be honest the W203's dont have that many horror stories.

Just check the engine pulls nice and strong... also test the climate control out of all the vents as broken motor flaps are common.

Glove box should open nice and smoothly, if it drops down quickly, the damper mechanism is broken.

Wheels suffer from corrosion.

Thats about it, otherwise normal car buying rules apply.
Hi thanks for that. Will look at what you mentioned.

Nice car you have there!

Love the classics.. if I could have it my way I would go for a 190E Cosworth Auto...
I do have a few W203's in stock, see my website, if i can help let me know... MBClub discounts apply ;)
I have been looking at autotrader etc... seen some starting from £6k with 75k on the clock..

Whats the best price for the 2003 03 Reg MERCEDES-BENZ C220 CDI Avantgarde SE you have??

Ok thanks. I'm going to have a look at a few but will consider the 1 you have.

The 220cdi and 270cdi are v. similar in terms of fuel economy. On the other forum the figs I've seen suggest the 270cdi might well be the more economical of the two. Both cars driven gently will see 55mpg + and should regularly achieve 42mpg+.

Try and go for an 04+ face lift car. Before 03 they weren't galvanised so check for rust etc. It is an issue.

Welcome to this excellent forum BTW.
Jay may correct me on this, but I suspect 220 and 270 values are pretty similar at that price level. But I would rather have a 270 than a 220, I think.

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