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Discussion in 'Performance Lounge' started by Mike746, Mar 20, 2014.

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    As above, looking for an sl or slk. Can anyone on here tell me which models to stay away from and which models to go for? Looking for a 2007 onwards
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    Two very different cars!

    The V6 Engines in the SLK model are known for issues with chain sprockets failing.. If you search on here there is a thread by R2D2 which lists the years affected.
    Apart from that the SLK is fairly solid and not a lot goes wrong.

    The SL is a different beast totally... Fairly reliable.. major issues are water leaks into the boot... again widely covered on here.

    Apart from that history is important and a transmission fluid change should be done at 40K ish...
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    Same M272 engine in 350SLs

    I thought the M272 engine in the V6 SLKs was the same as that in the V6 350SLs. So either way, you will need to check that the one you want to buy is newer than those with problems - my 2008 SLK280 has a serial number well above the risk zone (there are lots of threads on this but can't recall from memory) and if you are looking at post 2008 cars you are probably safe anyway - but you will still need to check.
    I agree they are different beasts - the SL is a comfortable cruiser and the SLK a nimble sports car.

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