Looking for a used E-Class now tha I've defected from the dark side

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Jul 28, 2014
mercedes E220
Hi everybody - newbie here! ;)

After 20 years of driving BMW 3, 5, 6 and 7 series I now need an estate for the first time in my life. The BMWs have been getting way too harsh riding in recent years and my spinal disk degeneration is not going to get any better. I think BMW have re-dressed the balance with the latest 3 and 5. However an abrupt termination of my job and a gentle start to a new job plus the kids leaving for Uni means I need something way more comfy and a Merc is my solution.

I do prefer to buy my cars (with finance) rather than contract hire. With a budget of c£20k I can get a decent spec three year old pre-facelift E220 or E250 estate in the best balanced Avantgarde trim. I will probably pay a deposit of £10k.

Many people claim that because of the far better financing and discounts available on new cars it can actually be more cost effective (cheaper?) to buy a new car than a used car. Is this really the case? Surely the older the used car you the more cost effective it will be to buy used.

I can see the argument if buying a nearly new or demo. Drivethedeal have access to special stock of the standard car and they can discount £8000 from a £40k car. This takes it close to the price of some ex-demonstrators on forecourts.

However it does not get close to £20k for a used 3 year old car with average miles. If you accept a higher mileage example they are there for £15k too. Five series seem to be holding their value much better than Merc or Audi.

I know I seem to be answering my own question but what do you guys think?

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