Looking for interior trim 2007 w211

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Jan 13, 2011
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2007 W211 E280 CDI Avantgarde
Hi. I'm looking for the black trim (not the light switch or head light washer button)

I'm sure it's a common problem but the trim had what I thought was years of grime built up on it but it seems it wasnt and when I cleaned it up it took the symbols off.


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According to the EPC, only available as the complete switch unit - an out of date price list I have says €240 new. As you no doubt know, there are many variants of that switch pack based on car specification and trim colour.


Thank you for sending this over I did have a quick look on ebay but all were used and all had the same issue mine had previously. They seem to get scratches in the top layer which looks like a build up of grime but I guess it's just a protective film over the part.

There is no massive rush as I simply keep in the lights in auto anyway.

Thanks again for your assistance

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