Looking for photos of c63 interiors, please post them up!

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Wezza, the beige interior in your c63 is beautiful, that is my first preference but l wonder how it would go with 3 kids. Is it stain resistant and easy to clean?


I've noticed it gets quite grubby on the door cards where the grab handles are and if your wearing jeans they tend to pass on the colour to the seats, but in fairness I find them very easy to clen. I use Gliptones leather cleaner as recommended on here. If you regularly clean your car it shouldn't be a problem.

I've ended up putting one of those seat covers the mechanics use on the base of the drivers seat and banned any passengers :D[/QUOTE]

Thanks, you have confirmed what l feared. With 3 young kids keeping the interior clean would take some work, maybe beige/black might be a good compromise. Does the cleaner bring it up like new or does it stain over time?


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