Looking to buy S211 Estate, E280 or upwards, Full Beige Interior

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Aug 3, 2023
1999 s202 c200 estate, 2005 Viano W639 Long

I'm looking to buy a S211 E280 or upwards, ideally E320 diesel, with a full beige/light leather interior, not black or grey.

If anyone has one they might want to sell, or know someone that might, then let me know.

Nice choice.
Cheers, I think so too. I've got some 22 spoke w209 clk 19inch alloys as well which I think would suit the s211 very well as well. Just got to get the car now.
If it is a car to keep for a while then don't discount a good earlier e320cdi with the straight six om648 engine. It's even more bullet proof than the v6 om642.
You’re right to ask the question but you will find it easier to find rocking horse poop.

There aren’t many estates around and I can’t remember ever seeing one for sale with a beige interior.

A light grey or blue maybe, but really it’s black, black or black. Beige is rare on saloons but really rare on practical workhorses like the Estates

Sorry to bear bad news but might be a useful warning that compromise is necessary.

That said, hope you find one
To make it even trickier I slightly prefer the exterior to be a green or gun metal/bronze type colour.
If I went for a black interior I’d have the car today, but the blue looks cool, never seen that before. The cream isn’t as rare as you think, I’ve seen(attempted) to see three now, first was a autotrader guy, but he forgot about our appointment when I was on my way, then went awol after that. Second car had a nasty rattle in the engine, then the engine management light came on as driving, turned out hadn’t been serviced for 40’000 miles.
It’ll definitely be a car to keep so open to all years. Someone said that you haven’t got sbs pump issues on the later ones, but then like you said the straight six is simpler to fix then the V6, and I can always update the front bumper myself.

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