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Jul 17, 2003
Noticed this is missing and have located a complete switch pack on e-bay as the missing part is not sold separately.

Anyone know if I can just replace the cap or is it the door card off and replace the whole unit?


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I had this on my last car when I bought it.

Needed the door card taking off and whole pack replacing (which was £90 for the part and / or fitting - I can't remember now and no longer have the invoice to check).

I didn't do it in any case!
Door card off.

I had to do that on my brother's CLK with a broken switch.
Got the switch today and the plate holding it on just pops out - no door card removal as there is no access to the switch pack!!

The one I bought for $40 on e-bay still had the trim from an Elegance so had to pop it off and transfer onto mine.

All memory selections still stored. took about 10 mins.

Yes that is the old switch!


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Good that MB made it easier to change.

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