Lost shops we wish were still around

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Hepworths, had 3 bespoke suits in the 70's & 80's they would not fit me now!😁.Wasn't Dunn & co's motto " get a head get a hat"?🤔
21st Century Shopping !!

"Woolworths in Broadmead Bristol had just closed down, and reopened as 21st Century Shopping. Quite a few changes were made going from Woolworths to 21st Century Shopping: most obviously the name was changed at the entrances to the building, also internally the building was completely refitted. I think the new look store stocked fewer lines than Woolworths, but more of the lines that were now available.

In half term week October 1982, I went with my family for a day shopping to Broadmead Bristol, and we saw inside 21st Century Shopping. I was surprised how much it had been changed from Woolworths, totally different store layout.

Sadly it was an overnight disaster. Come spring 1983, there was another report on Points West saying it was going to be converted back to the original Woolies format. So the name Woolworths returned to the building entrances, but that was about it really. They didn't restore the internal decoration to as it was before the conversion to 21st Century Shopping. The next time I was there with my family was half term October 1983, and they were still using 21st Century Shopping price tags and carrier bags, even though the place was then officially called Woolworths again. Well, I suppose they had to use up the old stock of bags."
I thought there was something going on there. Their shelves have had big gaps on since COVID. Suppliers not paid apparently.
Anyone remember Pride and Clarkes, Stockwell Rd, London 1965 ish.
Oh yes. Snide and Shark as they were known in the 1970’s 😊
Haven’t had in ages, wine gums, liquorice allsorts, cola bottles and flying saucers. Not sure if the teeth could handle them 🤔
Does anyone remember having an Ascot boiler. It had a very bad reputation of blowing up. I think it used to work by circulating warm air throughout the house.

And what about paraffin heaters? I remember these were very common and even more dangerous, but it did warm up the room very quickly 😄

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