Lost Weekend


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Nov 24, 2003
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Thanks to No. 2 son, who has been Alpha testing Battlefield 3 all weekend. Net result was him migrating to living room, hooking up to big screen and all his mates came round to ogle and "help". For two days.

Anyhoo, BF fans might like to learn it seems much tougher than earlier versions, one reason being that when people shoot at you it all gets a bit blurry. That is to replicate, without the brown trousers fortunately, what would happen if somebody actually was shooting in your general direction.

Few other features that make it more challenging such as grenades not having the helpfully flashing "here i am"" indicators and physics engine making them behave according to the laws of gravity on this planet

Few glitches and odd colour casts in some areas but otherwise it rocks.:bannana:

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