Lots of tyres for sale....grab a bargin

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    About to move house and have to get rid of my tyre collection!! :)

    Most of these will fit W124's, 210's and C Classes and one set is specifically for a ML......hopefully you will agree that they are being sold at well below the cost of a single new tyre.

    1) 2x New Goodyear Wrangler HP tyres, size 215/65/R16......Price £55.00.....these tyres will fit a ML

    2) 2x As New Michelan Pilot HX 195/65/R15.....Price £50.00

    3) 2x New Pirelli P600 195/65/R15.....Price £50.00

    4) 2x As New Nokian 215/65/R15 H rated.......Price £45.00...if memory serves me correctly these are made by a subsidiary of Nokia and I seem to recall Spike raving about them......Good tyres by all accounts.

    5) 2x As New Continentals 195/65/R15 fitted to Steels......Price £50.00

    6) 1x As New Goodyear Eagle Touring 195/65/R15 V rated.....£20.00

    7) 1x Falken ZE326 215/65/R15 H rated.......£15.00

    8) 1x Pirelli P6000 225/50/16 V rated.......£20.00

    9) 1x Pirelli P6000 205/55/R16 V rated.....£20.00

    The single tyres are to be sold at a lower price than the pairs as there is less demand for single tyres, however, they can make all the difference between getting your car through the MOT or failing!!!!....and they can also make good spare tyres.

    In terms of delivery, it would probably be best to pick them up from me in Reading or alternatively I can get a Courier to deliver the pairs for £25.00 if you live within 100 miles of Reading.

    Let me know if you have any questions.

    Many thanks
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