Lots of white smoke from ML270Cdi?

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Mar 15, 2007

I was up in the lakes with my father inlaw who has an ML270Cdi. We had left the site and they were a little behind us and never actually caught up....

Anyway, he said that when driving on the A road to the motorway his car was bellowing out a fair amount of white smoke.....he was about to stop but on turning joining the motorway this stopped and has been fine.

No lights on dash / high temp etc.

When we left it was cold (ice on window cold)

Is that just normal, I fear it could be a head gasket possibly but know very little about these things...

Thanks in advance
Sounds horribly like my 124 when I left Newcastle a few weeks ago, though it also went away once the engine warmed up. I think it's probably the head gasket.
Check the coolant level - if the head gasket has gone then it will lose coolant. Most likely is that it was just condensation and nowt to worry about.
sounds like gasket to me aswell...my old mans w202 was bellowing out thick white smoke...mind you the temp guage would be goin up and down like a headless chicken
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Turbo can also give white smoke.
When it breaks, oil burns.
Hope not...
I very much doubt it will be the head gasket.

Yet to see one go on a CDI engine.
When we left it was cold (ice on window cold)

Is that just normal?

Yes, very normal, just hot exhaust gasses hitting cold ambient air.

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