Louvre lamella sunroof not watertight


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Sep 12, 2012
West London
Mercedes 200E
Hello everyone and a happy and healthy new year to you all.
About a year ago we have been given a B180, 2005,, by my father-in-law. It's a lovely car, except that it's got a Louvre lamella sunroof .....
I did notice a few times that the roof is not very watertight, mainly when taking the car through the car wash. It didn't bother me that much since the car was always dry during rain and the drains are clear and draining well.
Last week it was pretty cold (- 7) and the whole front windscreen was iced up from the inside. Therefore there must be more moisture in the car than I thought.
I do have a de-icing cushion on the dashboard but I'm getting a bit sick of that roof now.
After inspecting the roof more closely I noticed that the rubber seals are not touching the sides where the slats reach the car roof. See pictures.
I can actually see right through to the inside of the car through these gaps 😳
It also seems that the seals are part of the slats and not easily changeable.
Has anyone got any idea as to how to fix that problem?
Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated!


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