Love it or Hate it?

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Not impressed with the Testarossa-eque body kit, sorry...
Looks like it doesn't know what sort of car it wants to be. Flared up exotic or a nice steady MB, no from me.
It is a NO from me too.

Love it!
You can't wear an 80s suit and not have shoulder pads. :D
I like em,my uncle used to have a saloon.They`re not everyone`s taste but something different
Hmmmm...Jan Hammer and Miami Vice rings a bell somewhere, which is kind of in-keeping with the age of the car I guess?
If you like rolled up suit sleeves and very open collar shirts with printed palm trees then I would say go for it...why not?
Willi konig. Well what a legend. Some creations dubious, admittedly, but who could forget the twin turbo testarossa. Subject of my teenage fantasies, well that and Belinda Carlisle....what's wrong with rolled up sleeves and espadrilles? Anyone care to mention the gemballa avalanche and those awesome dp porsches. What a decade.
I think these guys were the ones that were famous for putting Testarossa-eque body kits on everything apart from a Testarossa instead they took them off and made it a single large intake, go figure!
Oh gawd......I was there.....silver slinky suit with the rolled up sleeves, patterned semi hawian shirt, no socks and white slip on shoes (espadrilles), gold plated wrist watch. and a long hair flick to the I was! (was!)
The usual nightclub venue was either *****s at Owler bar (Sheffield) or Josephines (Sheffield town center) then on to Bonapartes casino for complimentary sandwiches and a £10 flutter.
Alll done in a 1.6 litre flat blue Capri (with steel wheels) complemented by the latest binatone stereo complimented with three band graphic equaliser (top of the range!!).

I definitely rocked back then when Capri's were for boy races and expensive , Mercedes Benz (any model!!) were out of anyones reach unless you were very rich and lived in London!
Lol............In't life great! :)
I was deffo into ABC at the time and went to school with Adam littley (drummers brother!), I was more interested in dead or Alive and Madonna and maybe from an earlier stage Human League.
I also went to school with Rick Allen from Def Leppard,he is 2 years older than me and looks much better!
Def leppard used to play/practice in the Methordist church in Dronfield where we mostly all lived, I went to mostly all their band practice for 2 years until they exploded onto the scene in Germany...then usa and then uk!
Joe Elliot is such a cool guy in person!
Dash, there used to be a Capri with same.kit on stanstead road many moons ago ;)

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