Love or hate C63 Coupe spotted today...

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Nov 30, 2011
2012 S350L BlueTec
Was sitting having a coffee on Billericay High Street when along came this C63 Coupe...


Nasty springs to mind.......However, the owner must think it looks good so each to there own I suppose.
Doesn't look bad, sort of reminds me of the film "Tron".
Saw this in Bexleyheath last week, the occupants were sitting so low they could hardly see over the dash , not sure if they were trying to look cool or attempting to hide from public view.
better than a matte wrap .. but not much
There is a special edition Fiat 500 with the outline of an original 500 marked out on the side. To my eyes this looks similar and just as awful as the Fiat.
Wrong on many levels....
I like it, Borderlands Edition, but certainly wouldn't want it. That Fiat 500 is complete ****, doesn't work on any level.
Doesn't look bad, sort of reminds me of the film "Tron".

Don't forget "Automan" :). God, that was crap..



I don't like it but my mate 'diddicoy Mick' says it looks great.
I've seen this on a few cars; it's supposed to be Tron themed, I think the lines all glow in the dark. No joke lol.
Not a fan of the look myself but the owner must like it and that's all that counts.

It's nice to see some individuality anyway.

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