Lovely car.....but not enough "B" symbols for me!!!

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Feb 19, 2022
Bognor Regis
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So few Brabus and "B" symbols you would hardly know it was a Brabus!!!!...........(sarcasm!)

I know its very exclusive.....but £105K seems like a lot for a 2017 to me. I guess its a case of find another. Obviously I would have bought it....but a pet hate is matt I'll pass on this one!!!!

They missed the calipers and the instruments, poor show! 😆
For that price it's not a particular high spec E-Class. - a good number of Poverty buttons present.
Lovely car and I like the Brabus aero parts, but a £50k mark up over a similar non Brabus is far too much in my eye.
Likewise, matt paint is a big turn off for me.
As for the Brabus badges, not to my taste, but someone will like it and eventually buy it.

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