Low fuel pressure delivery

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Jul 28, 2023
North Yorkshire UK
E350 3.0 v6
I believe this was discussed in some extend in the past. I would like to explain issues I've came across on my e350.
On day while coming back from work, car decided to die on me. Tried to start again but no joy. Thanks to my superpowers I've managed to push car of the road and also make my kids laughing like never before :D nice person stopped and towed me back home and decided to find what's wrong. Hours of checking various things, checked passenger side of tank which had fuel, gauge showing 1/4. Only because I did do research I never thought about checking right hand side. My Mrs kept nagging me to add fuel, which I thought was stupid. Only till about 11pm when I opened drivers side of tank to realise that there is no fuel. Added 5lts and problem has gone. I've read about saddle tank issues and kept tank above 1/4 all the time no problems for a while.

Then problem appeared again but slightly different scenario, tank half full and every now and then engine would stop. Solution for some time was to "tap" pump housing with something and pump would start running again. Over and over, until one day when this wouldn't sort it at all.

Managed to get home and started investigating. When ignition was on pump would run. However it did sound if it was running as fast as before. Decided to remove it and have closer look. Took pump inside got 12v supply and powered pump up. Ending with diesel spraying all over kitchen. But pump ran much faster. Maybe because it doesn't get full 12v with ignition on... don't know. When I put everything back together. Pump never ran with ignition on. However as soon as I touched the connector on pump housing it ran again. It seemed like male-female pins inside the connector didn't make contact for some reason.
My solution was to get nose pointing players and twist slightly each male pin. Making sure not to go too far. Connected it back together and when switched ignition on pump ran but also sounded like it was running faster than before. No problems since.

My conclusion: there is a chance that due to poor connection and pump not reaching right speed, flow coming back from engine back to tank, wasn't enough to "activate" scavenge pump function and not transfer fuel from one side of the tank to other.
I do keep level above 1/4 since and never had this issue again, one time I have ran tank bellow quarter and it still ran. Maybe I have sorted it with this connection.

Sorry for lengthy post.


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