Low speed noise from back of the car

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Mar 20, 2013
North Wiltshire
Mercedes E320 CDI Elegance
My entry into mercedes ownership has been a little rough so far as on picking up my car I had a gearbox failure, I've had a replacement box fitted and I've noticed a noise from the back of the car which sounds like it may be the differential.

The noise seems to be at low speeds and goes away under acceleration, but is intermitant during engine breaking and more prominent when holding a low speed, do you think my suspicions are correct? also what do you think will need doing to resolve the problem? I've had a little look around and seen advice from change the oil to replace the diff.

The noise certainly sounds like it's coming from the back of the car so I don't think it's the gearbox.
Doesn't appear to, I did suspect low pads but there seems to be plenty left on them.
What kind of noise is it?

Could it be adverse tyre wear?
the type of noise will gove a better idea of what you are dealing with. If its a low groaning noise its diff or tyre related.
If its a squeel type noise and gets loud at a certain low speed and seems to get drowned out when you accellerate, check the propshaft bearing by removing the exhaust and heatshield.
I had a worrying low speed noise on my Insignia which went after reaching around 25-30mph, it was sat on 20'' alloys and took it to the dealer thinking it was mechanical to be told the rear tyres were 'stepping' on the insides and was something to do with the tread pattern, the dealer wasn't trying to sell me tyres as the car was being returned to them(Vauxhall)but advised the only way to cure it was new tyres.My Mercedes was due so didn't persue any further avenues of looking to resolve the issue. Apparently a common issue with Vauxhalls although never experienced it before

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