low speed prop rumble,

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Jul 13, 2006
1989 190e 2.0 auto(ebaytastic)
190e 2 litre, rumble from propshaft when pulling away seems to be front rubber coupling( forum also suggested this , thanks). How difficult to replace ?

I have the Haynes,looks easy enough, Any tips from someone who has done one.Is it worthwile doing all the rubbers and maybe UJ's while the bugger is off.
All Jobs are easy when you read about them. Quite different when you have to crawl under a dirty car, combat rusted bolts, burnt yourself on the exhaust and banged your head a few times. Depending on if the prop has been previously removed dictates how easy it is to do. You may need a ginormous spanner for the nut on the prop shaft (32mm) the doughnut can be tricky to unbolt. Dont forget to support the gearbox on a piece of wood on a jack when lowering it.

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