Lower ball joints

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  1. flt.eng

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    Oct 20, 2010
    Nr. Tewkesbury
    E320 avantgared
    For a year, I felt my steering was not what it could have been. It always seemed slightly heavy. self centreing, included. I always seemed to be applying a permanant, minute, right hand down. :Until: The MOT. It was noted, on the advisory. That there was slight play in both lower ball joints. I had these replaced (£250). Had an alignment check. & BINGO. What a difference. It felt a completely different car. The self centreing & steering was lighter. With no more right hand down.
    If you do'nt change cars very often. This is what can happen, when you do. I had no mechanical indication. ie. rattles. Other than above.
    I hope this may help certain members.
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  2. davionix

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    Feb 11, 2011
    e220 cdi blue efficiency
    I had exactly the same symptom and during an expensive engine repair at MB,they did a survey on the car and found both front suspension cross struts rubbing on the sub-frame. £116 pounds each side to replace but what a difference to the handling and steering. this was not picked up during previous indie work,including the MOT!

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