Lowering spring

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Mar 19, 2017
S Class AMG Line
Hi guys

New new to Mercedes-Benz cars I have a C200 AMG Line as wondering if any one has lowered their cars with H&R springs or any other springs.

The ride at the moment is very smooth and I don't want to loose that quality and ride comfort when lowering so I want to know what people have done to their cars and feedback on the ride they are now getting.

Oh also what lower height did you go for?


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This site is the worse car forum I have been involved in...no response to people's questions...what's the point

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H&R is the best ride, with Bilstien shocks.

what lowering options do they have?, normally only one.

I know the w202 had rubber spring seating's which came in different sizes so you could lower raise accordingly.

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