Lucky to be alive?

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Sep 15, 2004
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I hope this link works, otherwise the title is meaningless.

:eek: :eek: :eek: Near thing or what!!! :eek: :eek:
The Pilot was very lucky to recover that. It looks like there was just enough lift being generated by the rotors at flight idle that the helicopter unexpectedly left the deck when the ship dropped in the swell. That is one of the (few) good things about the Lynx, it was possible to apply negetive pitch to the rotor blades and literally pin it to the deck of the ship when it was at flight idle. I daresay there are a few other helicopters that can do that too.
LIVE LEAK is fantastic, Canada and the US now have their own, ten times better than You tube...

Have you seen the one of the baby playing with the cobra snake?

Have you seen this one before?

there's a good one of military boats colliding on Live leak but i cant find it now
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Looked like a tail rotor problem to me the way it spun uncontrollably.
Looked like a tail rotor problem to me the way it spun uncontrollably.
I would suggest post #7 sums up the problem, the tail rotor was a consequence and the pilot was either extremely lucky, or skilful to get the thing back onto the deck.

There are some highly qualified members of this forum that could comment on this incident, I'm just pleased to see there are no injuries.

Regarding the up and down movement of a ship, I would assume the stern is about the most stable location, but there is still movement, plus of course turbulance caused by the ship pitching up and down.

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