M111 leaky cam magnet - Repair or Replace (if so where to buy)

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Sep 15, 2016
W202, C200 Saloon, Manual

My W202 C200 with the M111 has a small oil leak from the wiring plug outlet of the cam solenoid magnet.

I am a DIY-er at heart (with the backup of a mechanic for a sibling). I have seen a couple of threads with pictures where people have just re-sealed the cam magnet unit (have a drill and could buy some RTV sealent). Such as:

Cam shaft adjuster magnet - Page 3 - Mercedes-Benz Forum

I wonder whether such a fix is a good permanent solution, or whether I should bite the bullet and shell out for parts?

The question is therefore; do I:
(1) DIY repair the magnet unit as some have; or
(2) Buy a replacement.

If, (2) are good quality UK sources for MB genuine parts; or good qulaity aftermarket parts?

How would I go about ordering the correct part, would my VIN or Engine Number help?

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