m113 standalone wiring

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Jan 23, 2021
2005 CLS500
I have a 4.3 M113 from an ML430 2000 MY with a complete harness, I want to Install this in a project car (LANDROVER DEFENDER SHORT BED) with a 5 speed manual, fitting and fabricating the engine to fit in the car with a manual transmission is no issue, the only thing I need help in is how to wire the engine to run standalone with the factory ECU (I have an immo delete and manual gearbox set on the ECU, THICK ECU).
how do I wire the ignition? I just need to know the wiring diagram that's all
below is the wiring from the engine loom, the connector was cut off, it was a square connector that connects to the ML430 from the body.

WhatsApp Image 2023-07-20 at 14.52.02.jpeg

these are all I need to wire up to get the engine running, from the engine harness on the Picture, which wire goes where? I will also have a small fuse box to connect everything together.
1. Ignition switch relay
2. Starter relay
3. F. pump relay
4. ACC relay

how to I wire an ignition setup to power up the ECU and start the engine.
If someone has done an M113 standalone swap before please PM me, or if someone has an idea to how the harness can be wired up similar to this video below:
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any help will be appreciated!

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