M20 Closure Sept 15 to 16 - Advice Please

Discussion in 'Driving/Incidents/Roadrage' started by Dippo, Sep 11, 2018.

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    Sep 11, 2016
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    I'm heading off to France very early on Sunday, but I've just received an email from Eurotunnel advising that the M20 is going to be closed between Junction 4 and Junction 6 this weekend. The diversion takes you from J4 along the A228 to the M2, then along the M2 and back down the A229 to the M20. Checking on Google, the A228 looks like a single carriageway road, and therefore probably a big delay.

    I live in West London, so my original plan was M4, anti-clock M25, then M20. My first fallback was to go north to the M25, then clockwise, over the bridge at Dartford, and down the A2/M2, but Highways England says part of the M25 in Essex will be down to single lane.

    Current plan is now M4, anti clock M25 to A2/M2, then A229 to the M20. Does anyone from the Kent area have any other/better suggestions?
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    You route via A229 Bluebell Hill will be the shortest. However if traffic is very heavy I'd stick on the M2 until J5 and take the A249 and join the M20 at J7. A bit further in distance, but it avoids A229 Bluebell Hill which is busy on a normal day and one I try to avoid. If the traffic is moving then the M2 to M20 via the A249 is 5-10 minutes further.
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    Sep 27, 2016
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    Hope you made it :)

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